1. The new Spiderman movie poster uses my aerial of Times Square at night for the background. This is the second Spiderman movie to use my aerial images for the poster.

  2. Over Fisherman Island on the Eastern shore of Virginia.

  3. The shadow knows. 

  4. Lower Manhattan at dusk.

  5. Very pleased to be awarded second place for portraits in the National APA awards competition.  I shot this portrait in Jacmel, Haiti last August for the NGO Goals Beyond the Net.

  6. Working on files from a project in California.

  7. Above New York City at dusk - the greatest city in the world. 

  8. Flying over Northern New Jersey and the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel into New York City.

  9. Chicago, Illinois from a Schweitzer 300.

  10. Night landing - Schweitzer 300 in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

  11. Delta Sky Magazine feature about Roanoke, Virginia.  

  12. 1500 feet above Chicago, Illinois.

  13. Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, Chicago, Illinois, USA

  14. Chicago sunrise.

  15. Mumford and Sons on the first 2012 tour date.  Bristol, Virginia for Virginia Tourism.  Two aerial shoots in one day - day started off in Nashville then on to Chattanooga then to Bristol.  Very conscious of heli noise during performance.  We flew a pass, left the area then came back.  Spoke to musicians and folks in audience later that evening and no one heard us.  We were high enough and the crowd was pretty pumped to see the band.